Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Princes Trust A - Z : E for Exotic

todays letter is E for Exotic - not a portrait of E L Gray but one of Scott Adams and his pet corn snake . Read how with the The Princes Trust assistance, Scott bettered his despair with the job market and turned his fascination with the animal kingdom into a nice little earner....

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The AZ of Young Businesses campaign photography for The Princes Trust

Many miles and a new exhaust later,  my pix for The Princes Trust new campaign ' The AZ of Young Businesses ' has recently gone live . To quote their own website, it consists of a

  " a stunning series of photographs which we’ll be releasing, one a day, for the next month.
Like the images that represent them, these young businesses are inspirational, vibrant and full of ideas " 
....well who am I to argue . Great to see so many young people many of which havent had the best of starts in life,  trying to make a go of it. 
The images can be viewed on The Trusts website with a new letter being added daily or else look out for them as they feature in the press.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Best of British comes to Leeds

Best of British comes to Leeds

  Peter Dench has taken it upon himself to take the Great British Public show on tour moving it 195 miles north to his newly minted White Cloth Galley in Leeds . So if you missed it the first time round and your passing that way do try and stop in . Thankyou Peter
the show runs from 19 / 07 - 01 / 10 with a related workshop in the works for one weekend in September.